turning a bowl on a lathe



Stave Vessels — Dan Swaim

Step-by-Step Instructions
Stave Chart
Stave Sled Picture
AAW Article, June 2022 American Woodturner

How to Make a Cryptex Box — John Giem

John Giem’s handout from his April 6, 2010 club demonstration on how to make a Cryptex Box. (This article has been provided with the permission of the author.)

Vacuum Chuck Articles — John Giem

How to Make a Rainstick — Rick Orr

Rick Orr’s handout from his March 2, 2010 club demonstration on how to make Rainsticks, handout also covers how he converts them to fly rod storage tubes.

How to Turn a Bandsaw Bowl — Rick Orr

Rick Orr describes the steps involved in making a band saw bowl.

Richard Kuivila came up with a wonderful jig for gluing the two halves of the band saw bowl together.

How to Make a Press Vise – Jason Springfield

Jason Springfield describes the steps involved in making a Press Vise.


Turn a Large Platter – Tom Wirsing, Sept 2023

      This is the handout from Tom’s platter demo that he gave during our September 2023 monthly meeting.

Reversing the Jet Mini Lathe — Bruce Perry

Thank you to Bruce Perry for thinking of this and drawing up the instructions! Bruce has figured out how to make the Jet Mini Lathe (VS model) go in reverse. This is helpful for sanding in both directions, which will get you a better finish, and hollowing in reverse (as we recently saw Don Derry demonstrate). Here are the instructions for reversing the Jet mini lathe.

Reversing the Jet Mini Lathe, revisited — Brandon Mackie

Brandon gave the “Reversing The Jet Mini Lathe” a shot and it was easier to do than he thought it would be. Especially because he doesn’t know the first thing about electricity. Brandon did have a modification to Bruce’s instructions, and tried to clarify the instructions for those of us who don’t know anything about electricity. Check out his modification.

Index Layout Wheel — Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford was nice enough to provide a template he designed for members to download. Here is a picture of it in use.

indexing wheel in use

As you can see, he printed the template, then glued it to a piece of hardboard. This item is for layouts, not to be used while the lathe is running! Open the image of the template by clicking here. To save the template as a jpeg to your computer, right click on the image and choose “Save As”.

Proper Use and Expectations of a Respirator — Brian Boase

During the February meeting Brian Boase gave a very informative demonstration on the proper use and expectations of a respirator. Below are some of his resources.

Miscellaneous Information

Making an Eccentric Bowl – Henry Williams

Making a Three-Sided Box – Pete Holtus

Woodturning 2008 Color and Finishing – Merryll Saylan

General Twist Information – Dennis Liggett

Discover the Fun of Pen Turning – Courtesy of Rockler

Tips and Tricks: Sources – Dave Hawley

Tom Wirsing’s presentation on Carbide Tools and CBN Wheels – Tom Wirsing

Pest Alert: Information on the Walnut Twig Beetle

Toxic Woods: List of woods that cause common reactions in people

Exotic Wood from Hobbit House

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