Ladies of the Lathe (LotL)

All female members of the FRW, aged 12 or older, are invited to join the Ladies of the Lathe. Turning is a finesse skill that anyone can learn. LotL is intended to provide a comfortable, easy-paced, and non-threatening environment for women to learn and advance their skills in turning.

Turning is a finesse skill, so massive muscles are not required. We need more lady turners to make shavings. Why should the guys have all the fun?

For more information please contact our "Ladies of the Lathe Chairperson"

LotL Workshop

Classes are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, in the basement of Rockler Woodworking. These classes are provided to expand the knowledge and skills for female woodturners, from complete novices to intermediate to eventually advanced skills. The classes will be structured with the first 2-3 hrs introducing a skill, technique, or basic knowledge, with the rest of the day practicing that skill with a project. Please feel free to submit requests or ideas for classes. Below are the proposed class schedules for the next few months, but they may be subject to change based on submitted requests/suggestions.

Space will be limited to a maximum of 5-7 attendees, so please be sure to reserve a spot. Materials and equipment will be provided.