Group purchase

New Form Information

There are now 2 different types of forms for most of the group buy events:

  • eForm - An electronic version of the form that you can fill out on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. These forms will calculate discounts and totals automatically. Please use Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Adobe Reader for the form to function properly.
  • Standard - A blank version of the form if you wish to fill it out by hand. This version leaves the total blank instead of calculating $0.00 for the total.


If Rockler stocks an item, please purchase that item from Rockler at their 10% club discount. We owe that to Rockler for being a wonderful host to our club.

Quarterly Group Buys

Group purchase orders for the following five companies will be taken at the monthly meetings in January, April, July and October. Order forms will be available at meetings and are also posted below. Following meetings where quarterly group buy orders are taken, additional orders will be accepted if received by the respective group buy person by the following Tuesday. If the minimum order amount is not reached, the ordering period will be extended to the following month. Ordered items are normally distributed at the next monthly meeting. Please make checks payable to the listed group buy person.

Industrial Abrasives (IA)

Discounted prices for 2” and 3” diameter Mandrels, 2” and 3” Hook & Loop Sanding Disks.
Group Buy minimum order of $50.
No tax.
Now 10% S&H on Mandrels and Discs (was 15%)! No Tax.
Click for the eForm or the Standard Form.

New! Discounted prices for Drum Sanding Rolls and 36" x 36" Hook and Loop Sheets. That's 9 square feet of sanding goodness!
10% S&H on Drum Sanding Rolls and 17% S&H on large H&L sheets. No tax.
Click for the eForm or the Standard Form.

Also available are sanding supplies on the IA Wholesale Price List (list available through the FRW Coordinator, Don Prorak).

Starbond CA Glue

Group Buy minimum order of $50. Discounted prices for CA of various types and viscosities, accelerator, adhesive remover, and other supplies are on the order form. No tax. 15% S&H (unless the order totals $200 or more). FRW Coordinator is Don Prorak. Click for the eForm or the Standard Form.

Craft Supplies

Group Buy minimum order of $1,000. Discounts vary but are at least 13% (excluding machinery and items that require special shipping charges). No tax, no shipping. Contact Ted Mellin. Click for the eForm or the Standard Form.

Spence Ind Band Saw Blades

All blades are Carbon Steel Flexback in 1/4" (4 tpi), 3/8”(3 tpi), or 1/2" (4 tpi) width, hook tooth, and .025”thick. The minimum Group Buy order is 20 blades for each width in any length. Contact Ted Mellin. Click for the eForm or the price sheet.

Group Buy Contact Information

Individual Catalog Orders

Individual Catalog Orders allow members to place orders with the below vendors at a discount and have the items shipped directly to your door. You must first sign up for individual catalog discounts. It is FRW's policy that we do not provide full member rosters to vendors, so if you want to tap into these discounts, please be sure to sign up on the sheets that are passed around at each meeting.

Klingspor — Individual Catalog Orders

10% discounts on all catalog items. It is easier to order by phone, identify yourself as being a FRW member. If you order on-line, however, first send an email to with your username (format is first name + last initial - i.e., John Smith would be "johns"), billing address, phone # and preferred password, and identify yourself as a FRW member. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days that will enable you to order on-line. (Website)

Hartville Tool — Individual Catalog Orders

15% discount on all catalog items. Call in your order and identify yourself as being a FRW member. No tax, but catalog shipping charges apply. (Website)