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Club Membership

Dues are the following:
Individual – $45
Couple – $50
Student – $22.50
Under 12 years – Free!

To help with tracking payments, we request that you pay using a personal check or money order made out to Front Range Woodturners. You can pay in cash if you have exact amounts.

You can also mail a check or money order (no cash, please) for your dues to the following address:

Front Range WoodTurners
P.O. Box 620605
Littleton, CO 80162

Please include the following information with your dues:

Spouse Name (if signing on as Couple)___________________
Home Telephone________________
Work Telephone________________
Web site__________________

Click here for a printable Membership Application
Click here for a Membership Renewal Application

You will receive multiple benefits of being a member, including but not limited to the following:

Monthly newsletter

Ability to check items out of our extensive library

Discounts in regular bulk orders of various supplies

Discounts at stores in the Denver area (including the 10% discount at our Rockler store!)

Monthly demonstrations by locally and internationally known Woodturners

Being listed in and receiving a copy of the membership roster

Ability to participate in free, hands-on mentoring classes

And last, but not least, access to the best bunch of woodturners around for questions, war stories, or just to visit.

All our club events are funded by your dues and donations.

Important - If your dues are not paid by mid-February, your badge will be pulled before the March meeting and you will no longer receive our newsletter (unless you are a recent guest who is still in the 2-month trial period). Also, Membership will be sending out the member roster with the March or April newsletter, so if you want to receive a roster or be in it, please be sure to pay your dues by mid-February.

Membership Bannner